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"As a writer, my brain and my ability to think clearly and creatively is everything... It's not just my occupation but it's also my identity... it's who I am. At 52 years old, I began to experience a numb pressure at the front of my head and I would sometimes struggle to find the right words to use in my writing or remember stories to use as analogies. I began to experiment with different supplements but nothing seemed to clear this brain fog that had been haunting me. Then I stumbled upon Brain Power Genesis. I figured I would give it a shot. But honestly, after my previous disappointments with other supplements, I wasn't expecting much. I would have been thrilled if it just gave me a little relief from my hazy symptoms. To my surprise, I noticed a difference on the second day. And by the end of the week I no longer had that numb pressure on my head and my creative juices were flowing better than ever! Brain Power Genesis is AWESOME!"


Steve Williams, NJ


I noticed I was sharper on the road, focusing on my daily tasks more, and quicker at decision making after a month of taking!” 


Justin Bishop, San Diego, CA


"I could feel a difference after taking Brain Power Genesis. Felt more focused and it helped me with my mood swings."


Ruth Chestnut


"I took three capsules which after 45 minutes produced a very clear head space for me. Brain Power Genesis is a very appropriately named product."


Jonathan Roseland


"About an hour after taking Brain Power Genesis, I felt a calm sense of focus, I felt my MOOD WAS BETTER, I had a little LESS ANXIETY and I was SHARPER MENTALLY"


Mike, NOOTROPICS ZONE, East Taunton, MA


"It's (Brain Power Genesis) well-dosed (much better than many competitors on the market), it has a nice mix of supplements, it makes you MORE FOCUSED and RELAXED, and I believe it can positively influence your memory or even SLOW DOWN COGNITIVE DECLINE."


Grega Gostincar, Your Inception

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