brain power genesis
About Brain Power Genesis
Brain Power Genesis was founded in 2018 with the mission to create a line of world class supplements that will help give you a boost in your strive to be the best person you can be.
We set out to create a Nootropic product that helps support cognitive functioning and overall brain health to help you feel on top of the game of life...every day.
Hi, I'm Chris Hatton, Founder and CEO of Brain Power Genesis.
I was inspired to create Brain Power Genesis after going through a challenging period in my own life when I felt like I had developed a very serious case of "brain fog," and was seriously concerned I had the beginnings of dementia.
Thankfully, after much struggle, research, and experimentation, it turned out that I did not have any actual illness or disease; the problem was simply that my brain was not getting the proper nutrients it needed in order to function at its peak level, the way it was designed to function. 
I reached a point of such distress that I made an appointment with my doctor and told him...
"my brain isn't working right, and I think I have Dementia"
Well, I owe it all to him, because instead of offering me a pharmaceutical to take for the rest of my life, he suggested I start researching the topic of nootropics and nootropic supplements.